About GLBA

A10 and GLBA formed their partnership in September, 2014. GLBA is a global alliance of seven strategic branding companies especially focused on engaging consumers’ emotional response throughout the world. Companies such as Ceradini Brand Design (United States), Berndt & Partner (Germany), Orhan Irmak Tasarim (Turkey), Stratcom (South Africa), Flamesun (China) and, Depot WPF (Russia) are part of the network.

Some of the services offered are the following: Consumer Insight, whose goal is to understand consumers’ desires and necessities to engage them emotionally; Design Strategy, which contemplates a strategic plan to the growth of brands; Packaging Design, which focuses on packages for various types of products; Structural Design, which creates intuitive and functional projects; and Branding, which helps build brand trust through unique personalities.

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